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The products offered by I NEED SUPPLIER include: wedding dresses, prom and special occasion dresses, tuxedos, bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, bridal accessories, veils and jewelry.

A distributor purchases products wholesale, and will sell you the product at a marked-up price.

A sourcing agent reach out to a variety of suppliers and/or manufacturers, source the product you need, and make a commission out of the sale.


Non of them sounds good enough?

Then let me introduce you to Sortribution

We offer ready made products from our suppliers for fast service and we also offer to source the products according to your needs. However we do not take any commission out of sales nor do we mark-up the prices. 

Sounds too good to be true? Where is the catch?

Sortribution is a service business based on our package system. It’s like you are having your own employee right on the ground, working with factories without actually having to deal with all the employment possessions. 

Check out our Packages for more information and let’s take your business to the next level.







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Meet our founder

My name is Beate and I'm the founder of ineedsupplier.com. My love for bridal industry started 7 years ago when I started my first job in a bridal shop as a production manager. Back then I thought this was the most beautiful job in the world - surrounded by brides all over the world, dealing with materials, designs and measurements. And guess what...

I still think bridal business is the most beautiful business in the world. 
After my job in a bridal shop, I traveled to Asia to work as a purchasing director for a big textile company in the Middle East. There I gained big experience with suppliers.

Then I was wondering how I could put together two of my biggest passions - work in a bridal industry and dealing with suppliers. That's how I NEED SUPPLIER was found.
I truly believe that, with the right people in the business, we can create big and wonderful things.


No minimum order quantity. You can order as much as you need even if it's one dress in a month.


Lowest market price. Because of our big supplier database we are able to offer the lowest market price.


Custom orders available. We can make any design exclusively only for your brand.


Live Support. We will keep you updated about production process any time.


Bridal business specifics. We are specialized only in bridal business, which gives us opportunity to understand your needs better.



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Professional help to find the best suppliers for your company with live support and research.




Direct production management, order tracking, quality control, shipping and live support.



Hannah, Bridal Dreams, USA

After using "I need supplier " services I was able to save thousands of dollars. I'm really happy and I can't thank enought to Beate for all the hard work.

Tina, Wedding Dress Boutique, USA

All of my orders were completed so quickly, I always received updates about production process and their customer service is excellent! Thank you

Sofia, Boho Bridal, Australia

I need supplier helped me to grow my business and now I'm able to sell my dresses with bigger profit.