You'll have a personal production manager that will handle your orders and will be your go to person on all projects.

We'll take care of the entire sourcing process for you as well as documentation, invoices, shipping, quality control etc.

We will do

Factory Inspection

(additional fee may apply depending from factory location)

We'll apply terms and conditions in your favour with the factory which includes things like lowest price, faster production etc.

This package is for your business if...

You want to gain access to manufactures not available to your competitors

You want to get more profit from your orders

You want to have an alternative supplier for your products

You are looking to expand your business

You need live support from China

You want to minimaize your defect rate and increase the speed of production

You need custom order services with low minimum order quantity

Price starts from $199

NOTE: Please be aware as this is only an introductory offer that is bound to increase in the following months. Don't miss this offer!